Shae Keane, B.A.

Shae Keane, B.A.

Counseling Intern

Just as a fire needs tending to thrive, so do our hearts and souls. In our lives, we are ever-presented with the challenge of feeding and maintaining the flame within us amidst the unpredictable: the winds, the rainstorms, the chaos, the sense of not feeling emotionally or physically resourced at times. It has been a passion of mine to seek and understand what allows us to best tend to the flame within, that we may thrive in a world that is full of love and beauty, but, also, of suffering, heartbreak, and loss. 

Originating in my work in wilderness therapy, my approach focuses on supporting individuals in tending to and growing the resilience of their flame and of the light it offers their life and work in the world. 

Some of the ways I seek to guide this process are through reconnection with one’s own intuitive voice, body-centered grounding practices, invitations into deepened connection with nature, and by inviting a more intimate relationship with one’s own authenticity. Art, symbolic metaphor, movement, storytelling, and creative expression are integrated to support this process.

In meeting each person in their unique journey, I intend to show up as an ally in helping them become their own most powerful fire-tender.