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Before getting started with us, please review our rates, insurance accepted, and any forms that may be required.  By filling out forms prior to your appointment, we can speed up your intake process.


Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy ranges from $85-$125 per session depending on type and length.

We offer a low-cost counseling clinic, run by Psychotherapy Interns & Pre-Licensed Graduates under supervision, for those who are underinsured or cannot afford to pay full fees. Out of pocket cost for this service is a sliding scale between $30-$65.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does therapy cost?

There are several ways to pay for therapy.

Therapy is a medical treatment, for a medical diagnosis. And for the most part, insurance will cover some or all of the cost of your treatment. The exceptions to this are:

* situational, couples, or family issues without a medical diagnosis present – insurance will only cover the treatment if there is a mental health diagnosis present, and the couple or family or situational issue is contributing to the emotional health of one individual.

You can talk with your therapist about possible diagnoses that are present.

You can private pay for sessions if you choose, if your treatment is outside of insurance requirements, or if you are underinsured.

We offer a low-fee option for treatment for those who cannot pay for therapy at the full fee and are underinsured. Ask us about working with our interns and pre-licensed clinicians who provide this service. These therapists are approved by The Journey Center, are under direct supervision, and are continuing to learn about the field. They offer the same compassionate presence and loving support as our licensed clinicians, as you walk through your struggle.

What if I need medication? Can you help with that?

No. As therapists, we do not prescribe medication. For many people, their primary care physician is more that willing and capable to help with initial trials and management of anxiety and depression medications. Talk to your doctor about this. For some people, who need a more tailored experience, working with a psychiatrist is the best choice. Sometimes mental health requires a more closely monitored medication regimens – this is best done with a psychiatrist who is specifically trained in psychiatric medications. Talk with your doctor or therapist about a referral to see a psychiatrist. You’ll still need to work with a therapist and your doctor. We can all work together to help you find the best support for your best self.

How long will I be in therapy?

Every person’s treatment and length of treatment is different. For some, brief and solution-focused treatment can last about 2-3 months. For some, with longer standing struggles, who have survived deep trauma, treatment can last much longer. It all depends on your goals, your participation, and how deep you want to work with your therapist. For most, a level of relief is felt after the first few sessions. And for most of the clients we work with – who have struggled for so long – we work with you every week for much longer. We are her to walk with you, completely through your healing process. This can take months to years. Sounds daunting, right? We get it. And we’re here to make sure you feel safe, process your thoughts and feelings fully, and are willing to walk the whole walk with you.

Why should I see a specialist? Doesn’t every therapist get the same training?

A specialist in trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, childhood and adolescent issues, couples work gets extra training and supervision for those specific issues. Yes, for the most part, we all start with the same foundation of acceptance, compassion, and skills education. And for a specialist, we seek to further our education in one or more areas to help our clients best. This is why one therapist may not be the best therapist for everyone. Maybe her personality doesn’t fit with yours, maybe you prefer to work with a male therapist, or maybe you need a therapist who is more knowledgeable about the aging process. We know that not every therapist is a perfect fit for every client. This is why we aim to work to deepen our own skillset in an area we want to focus, and have a wide variety of specialists in this practice. We complement each other, offer different perspectives, and can support you or your family in many ways.

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